.:.Some Random Thoughts.:. (_ally_baby_) wrote in frosted_icons,
.:.Some Random Thoughts.:.

Ok i dunno if this would be considered cross posting but i've been trying to get this icon made some other places and i haven't gotten anyone to make it so i mean i thought i'd try here but i mean it's cool if you don't do it just disregard this whole entry..

.Graphic Type[icon,banner,friends only sign,header]:icon
.Picture/Background Color:Could someone use these pictures

.Text: In the order of the pics and make them come one after another fading and on each pic have these lyrics at the bottom..

1st pic-She touched my hand what a chill I got
2nd pic-Her lips are like a vulcano that's hot
3rd pic-I'm proud to say she's my buttercup
4th pic-I'm in love
5th pic-I'm all shook up!

.Text Color[s]and Text Border Color:well i think white would look best but i dunno you decide i guess
.Anything Else:nothing really
.Example:umm i don't really have one sorry :(
.What's rule number 4?credit
.Where will the graphic be used?my lj
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