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frosted_icons's Journal

Frost Your Icons
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Frosted_Icons is a graphic community owned and created by fuxk_perfection. We take requests for icons, headers, banners, friends only signs, and buttons.

[1]You must be a member in order to request.
[2]Please make all posts friends only to avoid theft.
[3]You may make an unlimited amount of requests, but dont get out of hand.
[4]You must credit icons using maker@frosted_icons in your keywords and graphics in your userinfo or the post they are in(friends only sign.)
[5]Put all pictures behind a lj-cut.
[6]Do not crosspost. This means posting the same request in different communities.
[7]No promoting without permission.
[8]Respect all makers as well as members.
[9]If you are unable to pick up right away please say so in your request.
[10]Please specify a maker so your request will be made faster. Check out our example pages
[11]Please use the following form when requesting:
.Graphic Type[icon,banner,friends only sign,header]:
.Picture/Background Color:
.Text Color[s]and Text Border Color:
.Effect[b&w,brushes,different background]:
.Anything Else:
.What's rule number 4?
.Where will the graphic be used?

Meg[fuxk_perfection] Taking Requests. [ Examples]
[4]friends only signs

Kristin[loser_monkie] Taking Requests. [ Examples]
[3]friends only signs

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